Who are we?

Native Films is a video production agency based in Salt Lake City. We love Salt Lake, but we go where the story takes us. In the past it’s taken us to Brazil, Norway, Ecuador, and beyond.

You can either be the best in the world, or the ONLY in the world. Our job is to help you discover and display what you offer that nobody else can, and telling that story.

Meet Our Team

Simon is our Founder and Creative Director. Being a movie director was his childhood dream. He left college when he was 19 to learn business, and eventually fused his practical experience with his for love for visual storytelling. But the real key to Simon’s heart can be found in the mountains on a crisp, sunny day.

Jackson is our young After Effects whiz. He loves nothing more than to give people goosebumps by smashing together amazing video and euphoric sound. The edit room is his happy place.

Ben is our biz dev guy. He’s usually the first person you’ll talk to about your project. He loves brainstorming ideas and helping you figure out what kind of story your brand deserves. He’s also an incredibly talented drummer.

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